Employee Parking

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Employee Parking Map

The Airport Authority Parking & Ground Transportation Office, which is open Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to noon and 1 p.m. to 5 .pm., is here to assist airport employees with employee parking at John Glenn Columbus International Airport. Below are answers to common questions and contact information for further assistance.

Your Automatic Vehicle Identification (AVI) card has been programmed for the Employee Lot. In order for your AVI card to function properly, it must be affixed to the lower left corner of the inside of the windshield approximately 3” up from the bottom of the windshield and 3” over from the left side of the windshield. When entering or exiting the Employee Lot, simply approach the gate and it will automatically raise when the card is properly attached to the windshield.

It is very important that the AVI card works in sequence. The card must be used to enter and then exit, enter then exit, and so forth. Any interruption in this sequence will automatically disable your card. Reprogramming of the AVI card will be required before further access will be granted in and out of the Employee Lot. Please contact the Parking & Transportation Office at 614-239-3024 to have your AVI tag reprogrammed.

Upon entering the Employee lot, please choose a parking space and proceed to the nearest numbered bus shelter. To ensure a safe and timely trip to the terminal, the bus will pick up and drop off ONLY at a designated shelter. The drivers will not wait for or pick passengers up at their vehicle. The bus will drop off at the terminal at the center island of the Arrivals Level. This is also the location to be picked up and taken back to the Employee Lot, when leaving for the day.

If you are unable to enter the Employee Lot, please proceed to park in the Blue Lot (Uncovered Only). Pay when exiting the Blue Lot and obtain a receipt. If the AVI card or the gate equipment was not properly working, the Airport Authority will reimburse you your parking fees for one day $9.00 only. This reimbursement will be paid within 30 days as the Parking & Ground Transportation Office does not have cash on hand at any time. Eligible refunds will be issued for CRAA parking facilities only.

The following is a list of non-reimbursable actions, should you have to pay for parking in a CRAA owned parking facility:

  • Leaving your AVI card at home or in another vehicle
  • Following too closely to the vehicle in front of you 
  • Not attaching your AVI properly to the windshield

This AVI card is issued / registered to you and is for work use only. Allowing someone else to use your AVI tag for parking or to allow someone else in or out of the lot could result in the revocation of parking privileges in the Employee Lot.

If you paid a deposit and/or monthly parking fees directly to the Airport Authority, your deposit and any unused months of paid parking will be refunded to you by check within 30 days of the return of your AVI card, as the Parking & Ground Transportation Office does not have cash on hand at any time.

** No double parking or motor home parking is permitted in the Employee Lot. **

The phone numbers listed below are to ensure a safe and quick parking experience.

  • Vehicle jumps 614-239-3124
  • Off-hours parking assistance 614-239-3124
  • Parking Maintenance 614-239-3124
  • Airport Police 614-239-4029
  • Billing inquiries 614-239-3126
  • Parking & Transportation Office 614-239-3024