Potential Supplier Info

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The Authority purchases general and specialized facility furnishings and supplies, medical products, safety and security products and services, motorized equipment, and construction materials, as well as professional, construction, general and technical services.


How We Buy

The Authority solicits quotes, or informal and formal bids, proposals and statements of qualifications for goods and services needed on a regular basis. There may be one or multiple deliveries required. The notice of solicitation may be posted on the Authority website or the appropriate Authority contact may perform the solicitation.

The solicitation notices for formally advertised construction design projects exceeding $50,000 and construction projects exceeding $100,000 are posted on the Authority’s website. In addition construction solicitation notices may also be published in the Columbus Dispatch.

The Authority also purchases directly from a variety of State of Ohio and other cooperative contracts.

Invoice Payment Procedures

The Authority has an invoice approval process that provides appropriate accountability with a minimal number of required approvers to generate payments quickly and efficiently. Absent any other terms and with an accurate invoice, the Authority typically provides payment within 30 days. 

Who To Contact

 View the matrix of contact information here


Commitment To Diversity 

 Visit the business diversity page.


Direct Connections 

The Direct Connections Program provides opportunities for architectural and engineering firms to introduce themselves to airport decision-makers and foster relationships in support of future projects. The primary goal of this program is to create an elevated familiarity with a diverse base of local businesses, including small and minority-owned firms that previously have not worked directly with the Airport Authority. Architectural and engineering firms interested in conducting business with the Airport Authority should click here for the general Direct Connections brochure and forms. All others should follow this link to register to do business with the Airport Authority.