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LCK Tower ImageWhile Rickenbacker International Airport primarily serves as a cargo airport, general aviation activities also take place at this former Air Force base. Private pilots and businesses often use this airport because of its location on the southeast side of Columbus.

Rickenbacker International Airport (LCK) Address

7161 Second Street
Columbus, Ohio 43217
FAA airport diagram

Aviation Facilities & Equipment

• Airport general aviation property map
• Two parallel runways and taxiways 05R/23L (12,102’x200’) and 05L/23R (11,902’x150’)
• Air Traffic Control 24/7
• Category I & II Landing System for all-weather landing capabilities
• Automated Weather Observation System (AWOS-3)
• High-intensity runway edge lights

Diverse general aviation services & activities

• Corporate and business transportation
• Aircraft re-fueling and maintenance
• Recreational flying
• Fixed base operator Rickenbacker Aviation