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Part 150 Noise Compatibility Program and Noise Exposure Maps Update

The Columbus Regional Airport Authority has proposed a replacement/relocation of the south runway and the development of a new passenger terminal to supplement the existing passenger terminal at John Glenn International. Because there are potential noise impacts associated with the proposed projects, the Part 150 Noise Compatibility Study was updated and approved by the FAA in May 2008. The Environmental Impact Statement Record of Decision was issued on August 19, 2009.

The purpose for conducting a Part 150 Study at an airport is to develop a balanced and cost-effective plan for reducing current noise impacts and to limit additional impacts in the future on the surrounding community. There were two components to the study process. The first component was to identify the Noise Exposure Maps (NEMs) and the second was to develop a Noise Compatibility Program (NCP). NEMs are the official noise contours for the airport and are prepared for an existing condition (2006/2007) and for a five-year future condition (2012).

The NEMs were prepared according to FAR Part 150 guidelines in regards to methodology, noise metrics, identification of incompatible land uses, and public outreach. NEMS graphically show where significant levels of annual average noise exposure on incompatible land uses around the airport are anticipated.

The NCP sets forth measures intended to mitigate the impacts of significant noise exposure on land uses that are considered by the FAA as incompatible with significant levels of aircraft noise. Levels of significance are identified in the Federal Aviation Regulations. Examples of incompatible land uses include: housing, schools, churches, nursing homes, parks, recreation areas, wildlife refuges or historic properties. Other measures in the NCP are identified to restrict the introduction of new incompatible land uses into locations exposed to significant noise levels.

The FAA reviews and approves the measures identified to limit noise impacts on local residents. An airport with an FAA-approved NCP may be eligible for funding assistance to implement the measures in the NCP.

Public Involvement

The Noise Compatibility Study process is designed to encourage the public to comment on the study process and findings. Public information workshops were held throughout the Part 150 Study at key points. Workshops were conducted in an open house format where residents could attend anytime during workshop hours. Representatives of the FAA, airport staff and consulting team were available at various stations throughout the workshops to answer questions or discuss specific issues. Public information workshops were held on July 11 and 12, 2006; December 5 and 6, 2006; April 24 and 25, 2007; and on August 14 and 15, 2007. A hearing was held in conjunction with the public workshops on August 14 and 15. The public was invited to provide their oral comments to a court reporter. The transcripts for the hearings have been included in the final Part 150 Noise Compatibility Study. Advertising for the workshops and hearing was placed in the Columbus Dispatch and community newspapers several weeks before the meetings.

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Glossary (71 KB)

Chapter 1 Background (1.2 MB)

Chapter 2 Affected Environment (5.6 MB)

Chapter 3 Baseline Noise Exposure (1.9 MB)

Chapter 4 Noise Compatibility Plan (5.2 MB)

Appendix A FAA Policies, Guidance, and Regulations (116 KB)

Appendix B Field Noise Measurements and Noise Complaints (2.2 MB)

Appendix C Noise Modeling Methodology (22.9 MB)

Appendix D Land Use Assessment Methodology (2.3 MB)

Appendix E Noise Abatement Alternatives (36.5 MB)

Appendix F Land Use Alternatives (2.3 MB)

Appendix G Public Involvement (34.2 MB)

Appendix H 2023 Noise Exposure (NEM) / Noise Compatibility Program (NCP) (1.2 MB)

Appendix I Grid Point Analysis (3.4 MB)

Appendix J Forecast (1.2 MB)

A printed copy of the final Part 150 Noise Compatibility Study document is available at the administrative offices for the Columbus Regional Airport Authority, located at John Glenn Columbus International Airport, 4600 International Gateway, Columbus, OH 43219.