Rickenbacker International Airport

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Part 150 Noise Compatibility Program and Noise Exposure Maps Update

The Airport Authority conducted an Part 150 Noise Compatibility Study at both Rickenbacker and John Glenn International airports. Part 150 refers to the section of the Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR) that sets forth regulations and guidelines for airports desiring to undertake airport noise and land use compatibility planning. Through FAR Part 150, the FAA established regulations governing the technical aspects of aircraft noise analysis and the public participation process for airports choosing to prepare the airport noise compatibility plan.

The purpose for conducting a Part 150 Study at an airport is to develop a balanced and cost-effective plan for reducing current noise impacts and to limit additional impacts in the future on the surrounding community. The Part 150 Study at Rickenbacker International Airport established noise exposure maps (NEM) and analyzed existing noise abatement measures and recommended noise abatement and land use management strategies for the existing and future forecast condition.

Public Information Workshop

One of the key components of a Part 150 Study is the inclusion of the public who live in the communities near the airport. Throughout the course of the study, the Airport Authority held public information workshops that provided an opportunity for interested citizens to present comments on the process, the input data, and the resulting noise exposure contours. The first public information workshops were held on October 11, 2005, and the second was held on April 20, 2006. The third and final public information workshop and public hearing was held on November 14, 2006. The final Noise Compatibility Study document was submitted to the FAA on December 21, 2006. The FAA issued the Record of Approval in July 2007.

Cover Page (1.7 MB)
Table of Contents (36 KB)
Chapter 1 Background (2.8 MB)
Chapter 2 Affected Environment (10.9 MB)
Chapter 3 Baseline Noise Exposure (2.3 MB)
Chapter 4 Noise Compatibility Plan (3.3 MB)
Appendix A FAA Policies, Guidance, and Regulations (80 KB)
Appendix B Field Noise Measurements and Noise Complaints (2.3 MB)
Appendix C Noise Modeling Methodology (21.8 MB)
Appendix D Land Use Assessment Methodology (5.2 MB)
Appendix E Noise Abatement Alternatives (23.9 MB)
Appendix F Land Use Alternatives (2 MB)

Appendix G Public Involvement

Appendix H 2022 Baseline Noise Exposure Contour (1.2 MB)
Appendix I Noise-Sensitive Facilities Grid Points (2.2 MB)
Appendix J Forecast (116 KB)
Glossary (64 KB)
NEM Submission (2.5 MB)