Community Collaboration

Inspired by greatness

We’re driven by the same passion and ambition of the three aviation leaders who are the namesakes of our airports: John Glenn, Eddie Rickenbacker and Francis “Jack” Bolton. We continue to be inspired by leaders at every level who do remarkable things, seen and unseen, every day.

Our vision is to connect Ohio with the world and we’re proud to be a partner in strengthening the Columbus Region’s economy. Our staff arrives daily to create a superior travel experience for passengers and greater opportunities for businesses. Our airports are successful thanks to strong partnerships and transparent communication with air carriers, community leaders and other stakeholders.


We’re connecting Ohio with the world by partnering with government leaders, businesses and the community.


Noise management

Discover how we collaborate with the Federal Aviation Administration to improve compatibility between aircraft operations and the communities surrounding our airports.



Because our airports are community assets we conscientiously manage energy and environmental resources.