LCK Part 150 Noise Compatibility Program Study  

The Columbus Regional Airport Authority's noise program includes conducting periodic noise compatibility program updates relating to Rickenbacker International Airport. Often referred to as Part 150 studies, the process includes informative workshops where the public can view and comment on study findings and the study process itself. The most recent report for Rickenbacker is documented in the detailed pages available via the links listed below.

Cover Page

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Background

Chapter 2 Affected Environment

Chapter 3 Baseline Noise Exposure

Chapter 4 Noise Compatibility Plan

Appendix A FAA Policies, Guidance, and Regulations

Appendix B Field Noise Measurements and Noise Complaints

Appendix C Noise Modeling Methodology

Appendix D Land Use Assessment Methodology

Appendix E Noise Abatement Alternatives

Appendix F Land Use Alternatives

Appendix G Public Involvement

Appendix H 2022 Baseline Noise Exposure Contour

Appendix I Noise-Sensitive Facilities Grid Points

Appendix J Forecast


NEM Submission