Tracking & Measuring Noise

WebTrak interactive flight tracking

Track flight activity into and out of John Glenn International, Rickenbacker International and Bolton Field airports on the innovative WebTrak system which tracks data for current and historical flights.


  • When entering the WebTrak website, Accept Terms of the site.

  • Insert your home address on the interactive map and view flight activity and aircraft data for any date and time frame in the Columbus region.
  • See on the map where our noise monitoring equipment is located. Noise data from 16 permanent noise monitoring terminals located in the vicinity of John Glenn International and two terminals in the vicinity of Rickenbacker are updated daily and may be viewed in Replay Mode.
  • Observe real time and historical flight and aircraft radar data originated from the FAA. To maintain aviation security, WebTrak’s real time flight activity, which may be viewed in Live Mode, is delayed by 21 minutes. Historical data can be viewed in Replay Mode up to 90 days in the past.
  • Technical flight information:
    Flight and aircraft radar data originates from the FAA's Clearinghouse. We receive the data through an approved FAA gateway, as required by FAA for security. Radar data is downloaded and processed by our Airport Noise and Operations Monitoring System (ANOMS) where it is then matched to noise events at the noise monitor terminals located in the communities surrounding John Glenn International and Rickenbacker International and uploaded to the website server. Airline and aircraft type information is encoded in three or four characters. For a list of airline abbreviations, click here. For a list of aircraft type abbreviations, click here
  • Reliability of radar information:
    The intended use of this web site is to display the general location and flow of air traffic in the Columbus region. WebTrak information is not intended for navigational purposes or airline schedule information. While ANOMS processes radar data with a very high level of accuracy, in a small number of cases, flight plan and noise data may be incorrectly correlated.

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View current and historical flights on the WebTrak electronic system.

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