Noise Program Resources

Noise Management Resources

The aviation world is full of technology, terms, acronyms, reports, policies, procedures and more. These resources may be helpful for anyone interested in more details.

Policies & Procedures

There are three elements to our noise program: Noise Abatement, Land Use Management and Program Management.

1. Noise Abatement: Noise Reduction & Residential Sound Insulation

Noise Reduction Efforts at John Glenn International
• Implemented a nighttime curfew for jet operations on the north runway
• Initiated a nighttime engine maintenance run-up policy
• Installed taxiway signs to warn pilots of noise-sensitive areas
• Installed noise abatement walls at three locations on the airport to reduce noise generated by nighttime engine maintenance run-ups
• Residential and school sound insulation projects

Noise Reduction Efforts at Rickenbacker
• Developed departure procedures to minimize overflights of residential areas
• Implemented arrival procedures during nighttime hours to minimize overflights of residential areas

2. Land Use Management

Land use management involves developing measures to both diminish the noise impact on existing land uses and promote compatible development in undeveloped areas in the airport's vicinity.

3. Program Management

Program management involves the detailed procedural and document management associated with the implementation of noise and land use measures, thus making program management responsible for monitoring and updating all aspects of the Noise Compatibility Program