Sustainability in energy and the environment

The Columbus Regional Airport Authority manages energy and environmental resources associated with development and daily aviation activities at John Glenn Columbus International, Rickenbacker International and Bolton Field airports. Because our airports are community assets valued by many stakeholders, we seek to promote environmentally, economically and socially responsible practices that meet the needs of today without compromising the needs of tomorrow.

Collaboration, energy performance, compliance and conservation are at the core of our strategic endeavors. We are committed to environmental responsibility and leadership consistent with our mission, core values and strategy. We commit to minimizing the impacts of our operations on the natural environment and surrounding communities by preventing pollution, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and continually improving our environmental programs.

More detailed activities surrounding these elements are summarized below. These elements will also be key components driving energy and environment planning as we continue to grow.

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Sustainability in Energy and the Environment Policy Statement




Sustainable airport operations are a team effort. We collaborate with airport users, community leaders and regulatory agencies while deploying the most effective energy and environment programs. Productive relationships with people in and around our airports help us connect Ohio to the world.

Energy Performance

We continually pursue energy conservation, efficiency and innovation as we power the facilities that carry people and cargo where they need to go. We reduce electricity, natural gas and other sources of energy wherever possible, making sure to be efficient with the precious sources of energy that drive us forward.


Compliant airport operations are a core mission for the Columbus Regional Airport Authority. We inspect, record and maintain environmental aspects hundreds of times every year. We apply continuous improvement principles to ensure we do things well today, and even better tomorrow.


We are focused on protection and conservation of resources as we operate and maintain our facilities. Managing wetlands and streams, recycling and reducing waste, planning compatible land use . . . these are all examples of conservation and stewardship of the resources around us.

Energy & environment project portfolio

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