What do you want from your airport?


What do you want from your airport?


Some passengers appreciate our easy-to-navigate facility. For others it’s our free, high-speed wi-fi or clean restrooms (a surprisingly popular spot for airport selfies).


While we’re honored passengers named CMH one of the best airports in 2020 for passenger experience, we aren’t resting. Every day we’re working to elevate the passenger experience, with some exciting new developments in the works for this year and beyond.


Sometimes our efforts will be sweeping and impact future decades, such as the late summer opening of our new state-of-the-art rental car facility. Other impacts may have a shorter lifespan, such as an exciting new pop-up gallery we have in the works to showcase even more of the amazing diversity of artistic talent in our community. (More on that in the next few weeks!)


Other times we’re innovating to reimagine the entire experience. Soon a much-improved ezPark system will make it easier than ever for passengers to quickly enter and exit airport parking without having to stop to make payments.


Through it all, we challenge ourselves to think like a passenger.


What does a family of four headed to Florida really want from their airport experience? Certainly a wide selection of food and shopping options, which we’re working hard with our partners to reopen after COVID caused widespread closures.


But what about that couple dashing away for a long weekend? Maybe they want to kick-off their vacation by strolling the concourse with a cocktail in hand? Now they can at CMH, the first airport of its kind in Ohio to offer this amenity.


And though business travel remains down, we look forward to the return of these road warriors and have an exciting development in the works for next year. Look for an announcement this summer!


Meanwhile, what about you? What do you want from your airport now and in the future? Let us know at or 614-239-4081.