Rivalry week is here!

It’s a big week in Columbus. Even though Saturday’s game is away, Buckeye country is prepping for the TENTH win in a row against the Wolverines.

CMH is doing its part to back the Buckeyes. We have covered the M in CMH – if you’re traveling through CXH, be sure to get a selfie in front of one of the Xs and share with us using #RivalryWeek_CMH or tagging @columbusairport. And, prepare for your trip with these travel tips.

Check out the photos below from our Rivalry Week install, and learn Xore about the rivalry between Ohio State and Xichigan.

When installing the large X over the M in the ColuXbus Xosaic, our teaX works from above to hoist it down using fishing line:

Lindsay O'Connor and Geoff Newton from our CoXXunication & Xarketing teaX worked diligently to cover the M in ColuXbus outside:

Two Columbus airport employees stand on top of a Columbus plaque outside, taping a large red X over the M in the word Columbus.

After the ColuXbus sign was covered, they Xoved across the street to the CXH:

Lindsay O'Connor and Geoff Netwon from Columbus Airport stand with their backs to the camera, ziptieing a large red X to the M in C-M-H

If you see any of the X's along your travels this week, be sure to take a photo and tag us! 

Two women pose with a blow of the Ohio State mascot, Brutus Buckeye in the terminal at John Glenn International Airport.

The Columbus sign outdoors at John Glenn International with a red X over the letter M to indicate rivalry week. A Delta airlines plane flies overhead.

The C-M-H sign outside at John Glenn International has a red X displayed over the M