Doing Business With Us

Help us connect Ohio with the world.

Help us connect Ohio with the world. From coffee to construction, from rental cars to rented rooms, the Columbus Regional Airport Authority and our three airports are vital economic engines. We partner with companies large and small to get people where they are going.

We make smart connections with our business partners to create opportunities and vital economic growth to the Columbus Region, the nation’s 14th largest metropolitan area. We collaborate daily to strengthen our community.

And we have an ongoing commitment to partner with small, minority and diverse businesses. Our diverse mix of business partners provide the millions of passengers who travel through our airports each year a uniquely Columbus experience.

Solicitation Opportunities

From inside our terminals to out on our runways, there are many partnership opportunities.

Did you submit a bid?

Thank you for your interest. We invite you to follow bid results.

We buy all sorts of supplies

From paper cups to professional services – get your business on our list of vendors.

Business Diversity Program

We seek to create a level playing field for small, minority and diverse businesses.

Begin and complete the journey

Ground transportation is an important service to passengers at John Glenn International.

Advertising opportunities

Advertise in a unique public-facing space where millions of people will see your brand.

Development opportunities

Available airport properties offer strategic opportunities for businesses.

Need more information?

We are here to help you and your business! Visit our resource library containing manuals, polices, regulations and other pertinent items related to doing business with us.

Customer payments

Pay your invoice online using Chase Orbital (


No Gift Policy


As a public authority and stewards of public funds received from the Federal Aviation Administration, the Columbus Regional Airport Authority (CRAA) and its staff have restraints and obligations with respect to receiving gifts and gift giving. To ensure compliance with those standards and to operate in a fair and transparent manner, CRAA staff cannot accept (and will return) all gifts. In addition, charitable donations or contributions in the name of CRAA or its employees are not permitted.

CRAA extends our thanks to each of our business partners for your work and dedication to ensuring that CRAA fulfills its vision. Thank you in advance for your cooperation regarding our No Gift Policy.