Ground Transportation Services

Connecting airport customers with quality transportation

The Columbus Regional Airport Authority collaborates with many service providers to get airport customers traveling to and from John Glenn International where they need to be easily and on time.

Providers interested in helping us connect airport customers with efficient ground transportation may follow these steps to gain authorization as a permanent vendor:

2023 renewal timeline

  • Begins 11/1/2022
  • Deadline 11/30/2022

2023 Ground Transportation permit applications may be submitted beginning 11/1/2022. Current commercial vendors holding 2022 permits must submit their 2023 application on or before 11/30/2022. All permits expire Dec. 31 of the year issued and must be renewed annually.

Temporary Permits are available to non-authorized commercial vendors, groups, organizations or companies needing to perform a passenger pickup without applying as a permanent vendor. A $50 pickup fee per vehicle will apply.

Need additional information or assistance regarding the permit process?

Contact one of our staff members listed here:

Parking & Ground Transportation Operations Manager 614-239-3088
Ground Transportation Office Assistant 614-239-3024


Ground Transportation Vendors at John Glenn International

Discover the many transportation partners serving John Glenn International customers.

Advertising opportunities at John Glenn International

Millions of passengers travel through the airport every year, Advertisers wanting to catch their eye should call Clear Channel representative Jim Miller at 610-674-6209 or email him by clicking the button below.