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Opportunity is continually knocking at passenger-focused John Glenn International Airport, cargo-focused Rickenbacker International Airport and general-aviation-focused Bolton Field. From inside the airport terminals to the runways, the need for a variety of construction and non-construction goods and services offers the chance to do business with the Columbus Regional Airport Authority. We welcome your bids. 


Solicitation opportunities

We invite your consideration of the following opportunities to do business with the Columbus Regional Airport Authority. Questions regarding the work or specifications within a solicitation must be directed in writing in accordance with the applicable solicitation notice prior to the cutoff date for all questions. Questions received in a different format or received after the stated date and time will not be answered.

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Current Opportunities


12/18/19: The Columbus Regional Airport Authority, Procurement & Business Diversity Department would like to thank each business and partner agency that worked with us this year.

4/16/19: The Columbus Regional Airport Authority is pleased to announce its new Contract Compliance Monitoring System, B2GNow. The web-based software system is accessible to all prime and related sub-firms of various disciplines. It will go live May 1. Review this document for more information.

3/27/19: The Office of Business Diversity is excited to roll out our new Vendor Registration Portal within the B2GNow Diversity Software System. Please read these vendor registration instructions which will walk you through the process and get your businses registered. Thank you

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Interested in customer-facing opportunities?

Restaurants, retail shops, and vending services provide John Glenn International customers with a positive, memorable airport experience. The Advertising & Concessions team is open to your ideas and inquiries.

Real estate development opportunities

Strategic growth and development opportunities exist within the expansive property boundaries of John Glenn International Airport, Rickenbacker International Airport and Bolton Field.