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Thank you for your bid submission and interest in working with us as we connect Ohio with the world. Because the Columbus Regional Airport Authority seeks to collaborate with the best partners possible, a committee of several people thoroughly and fairly review all qualified bids and proposals.

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11/20/2017: Holiday Gifts

To: Current and Prospective Consultants, Contractors and Vendors

From: William J. Kirwin, Manager, Office of Contracts & Procurement

Re: Holiday Gifts 

As we approach the holiday season, the Columbus Regional Airport Authority (CRAA) staff extends our thanks to each of you for your work on capital improvement projects; operation and maintenance projects; concessionaires and the purchase of goods and services to ensure that CRAA fulfills our vision to “Connect Ohio with the world” and our mission to “Develop and operate our aviation assets in a manner that provides passengers, businesses and the community the highest level of service, safety, satisfaction and economic benefit.”

As a public entity and stewards of public funds, this is a friendly reminder of our mutual ethical obligations with respect to gift giving. To ensure compliance with those standards and to operate in a fair and transparent manner with all our endeavors, the CRAA staff will not accept (and must return) any holiday gifts. In addition, charitable donations or contributions in the name of a CRAA employee are not permitted.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.