Airport Police & Public Safety Contacts

Contact information

Looking for airport or airline information?

Call 614-239-4000 or visit

Have questions for an airport police officer, firefighter or medic?

Call 614-239-4029 for non-emergency questions.

Emergencies requiring airport police, fire or medics:

Pick up any red phone located throughout the John Glenn International terminal, or Call 614-238-7800, or Dial 9-1-1

Comments about airport police and public safety personnel:

Compliments or concerns may be directed to us by email

Airport Lost & Found:

  • Leave something at the airport? Visit
  • Leave something on an aircraft? Contact your airline. Airline contact numbers can be found on

Police Reports & Tickets:

  • When traveling to and from John Glenn International and Rickenbacker International airports, please adhere to speed limits and no parking signs posted on roadways within airport boundaries.
  • Moving violations are written under state code or city ordinance and must be adjudicated at the Franklin County Municipal Court; either in-person at the Court or on-line on the traffic violation page.
  • Parking tickets can be paid online. If a violator wishes to appeal a ticket, visit the website to download the Appeal Request Form and submit it by mail.
  • Police report copies may be obtained by calling 614-239-4010 or by emailing us.