Partnerships pave the way

Through uncommon collaboration Columbus is building the most dynamic economy in the Midwest. Across industries large and small, titans of business, enterprising entrepreneurs and government leaders are working together to keep Columbus smart, vibrant and growing. And our airports are at the heart of it all.

John Glenn Columbus International, Rickenbacker International and Bolton Field airports are vital gateways that connect Ohio with the world. Our airports and related business segments continue to be strong economic drivers because of committed community partnerships. Additionally, our airlines, air freight carriers and other business partners achieve success through our collaborative initiatives. Individually we’re successful, together we’re unstoppable.

New Report!

Our airports and FTZ 138 are delivering prosperity to Ohio, contributing 58,730 jobs, $3.1 billion in annual payroll and $12.9 billion in annual economic activity. View the executive summary and full report.

Columbus - No. 1 Midwest growth leader

Driving collaborative economic development initiatives in our 11-county region is One Columbus.

Our airports and FTZ 138 are vital economic drivers statewide and regionally

John Glenn International, Rickenbacker International and Bolton Field airports, plus FTZ 138, fuel Ohio’s economy with $12.9 billion annual impact.


Our collaborative leadership team

Our leaders collaborate with public and private sectors to create better experiences and more opportunities for everyone who lives, works and visits the Columbus Region.