Rickenbacker International

Rickenbacker International Airport (LCK)

Rickenbacker International Airport supports the world’s largest aircraft, yet it offers a wide range of scalable services for all aircraft types – including corporate, general aviation, commercial, air freight and military. Companies utilizing Rickenbacker discover appealing advantages at this diverse logistics hub, including expert ground handling provided by exclusive fixed-base operator Rickenbacker Aviation. 

Rickenbacker International Airport (LCK)

7250 Star Check Drive
Columbus, Ohio 43217

  • 12 miles southeast of downtown Columbus, Ohio
  • Easily accessible from I-270, I-71, I-70, Hwy 23 and Hwy 33
  • Download a Rickenbacker International Airport area map

Rickenbacker FAA airport diagram

LCK fixed-base operator

Rickenbacker Aviation, the airport’s exclusive fixed base operator, is known for its 24/7 customizable service, quick turns, NATA-certified refuelers, and flight crew and guest amenities. And there are no landing fees for general aviation aircraft! Schedule service or obtain more details by emailing us (click the logo above).

LCK is also home base for:

Major air freight companies and logistics providers. Visit RickenbackerAdvantage.com.

Ohio Air National Guard
121st Air Refueling Wing

Aviation Facilities & Equipment

  • Two parallel runways and taxiways 05R/23L (12,102’x200’) and 05L/23R (11,902’x150’)
  • Category I & II Landing System for all-weather landing capabilities
  • Automated Weather Observation System (AWOS-3)
  • High-intensity runway edge lights
  • 24/7 Ground Handling
  • 24/7 Onsite Customs
  • 24/7 Air Traffic Control
  • 24/7 Airport Operations staff
  • Flight crew and guest amenities
  • Aircraft Rescue & Firefighting provided by Air National Guard
  • Air freight operations separate from general aviation business
  • U.S. Customs clearance available 24/7 (by appointment)
  • Hotel on airport property:

Leasing Opportunities & Fees

  • Heated hangars - daily to monthly leases
  • Aircraft tie downs
  • Short and long-term leases
  • Fuel discounts for tenants with leases of a month or longer
  • Aircraft parking
  • Warehouse and distribution space (by third party)
  • Call Rickenbacker Aviation – 614-409-3660 – for details.

What inspired the LCK airport name?


Before he became America's "Ace of Aces," Eddie Rickenbacker was born in Columbus into humble circumstances. Though he dropped out of school at just 14 after his father died, Rickenbacker's drive and dedication spurred him to become America's top fighter pilot in World War I, inspiring the nation and future leaders. In 1974 the former Lockbourne Air Force Base (LCK) was renamed Rickenbacker Air Force Base, and eventually became Rickenbacker International Airport.

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