Potential Suppliers

Doing business with Columbus Regional Airport Authority

We have an ongoing commitment to partner with local businesses including small and minority-owned firms and encourage you to register as one of our vendors that may serve John Glenn International, Rickenbacker International Airport, and Bolton Field.

Add your business to our database

To add your business to our database, visit https://columbusairports.diversitycompliance.com/. Please contact the Office of Business Diversity at BusinessDiversity@columbusairports.com with questions.


Small and minority-owned firms

Visit our Business Diversity page to discover more details about doing business and registering as a small or minority-owned firm.

What we procure:

The Columbus Regional Airport Authority purchases all sorts of items and services, like:

  • Construction and Professional Design Services
  • Professional Services including Staffing, Banking, Insurance Broker, and Legal Services
  • Technology Related Hardware, Software, and Virtual Ware
  • Goods and Services for the Maintenance, Repairs, and Operations of Assets

How we procure:

The Columbus Regional Airport Authority consistently solicits quotes, bids, proposals and statements of qualifications for goods and services. A notice of solicitation will be posted in B2GNow or a specific CRAA department may issue an informal solicitation.

Solicitation notices for design services and construction, including those that exceed the Competitive Bid Threshold as set forth in the Ohio Revised Code Section 4582.31(A)(18)(b), will appear on this website and may be published in the Columbus Dispatch. In October 2017 the bid threshold was set at $150,000.

CRAA also purchases directly from state of Ohio, City of Columbus, Franklin County and other cooperative contracts. Our procurement professionals apply industry best practices, staying current through participation in organizations such as NIGP: The Institute for Public Procurement, Central Ohio Organization of Public Purchasers and the Airport Purchasing Group.

How we pay:

CRAA has an invoice approval process that provides accountability and efficiency. Accurate invoices are typically paid within 30 days of receipt.